How to Sell Your Tulsa Home Without Making Major Repairs

Major Repairs or Quick Fixes and Upgrades

Undeniably, as properties age, they require constant attention, maintenance, and repair to sustain their desirability. A multitude of homeowners tend to defer these procedures for an array of reasons. Some might find themselves grappling with financial constraints that thwart the necessary refurbishments, while others might be swamped with other commitments that render them unable to oversee these operations. Sometimes, homeowners might be unaware of major issues lurking in their properties until they decide to sell. For Tulsa dwellings that demand major repairs, selling on the open market can be a formidable challenge. With a glut of pristine properties, a residence demanding significant repairs is less likely to entice potential buyers. Nevertheless, a solution bypasses the hurdle of major repairs – cash home buyers in Tulsa can provide a swift cash offer irrespective of your property’s condition.

Major Repairs or Quick Fixes and Upgrades


Commence with a pragmatic evaluation of your Tulsa home’s current condition. This can be efficiently achieved by juxtaposing your residence with comparable nearby properties. Consider examining other properties on sale in your neighborhood during “open house” events before deciding to sell your home. Open house events, accessible to the general public, generally don’t necessitate an appointment. Platforms such as Zillow and can aid in locating these events in your locale. During your visit, scrutinize the condition, attributes, and pricing of the other homes.

After a preliminary understanding of your potential competition, consider the status of your local real estate market. Is it a buyer’s market (teeming with inventory) or a seller’s market (scarce inventory)? If it’s a buyer’s market, homebuyers can afford to be discerning in their choices. For sellers with homes requiring major repairs, a buyer’s market may mean more particular buyers. If the market is flooded with options, many buyers would not wish to buy a house that requires work when ample other houses are in top-notch condition.

However, in a seller’s market, the scarcity of available properties incites buyers to compete for what is available. This scenario favors sellers as buyers may need to be more exacting and willing to accept a property in less-than-perfect condition. Evaluating the local competition and the current market conditions will guide you in deciding whether to channel your money and time into major repairs, concentrate on minor adjustments and upgrades, or bypass the repairs entirely and sell your house as-is to cash home buyers in Tulsa. These factors will inform this decision.

What Must Be Done Before Selling Your House?

Typically, selling a home through conventional means demands the completion of major repairs. These repairs transcend simple cosmetic work and often involve addressing safety concerns. This might include structural issues related to the foundation or roof of your building. Usually, a thorough home inspection will flag these significant repairs and compile them into a comprehensive report for your perusal.

Local legislations often necessitate disclosing certain issues to potential buyers, such as pest infestations, mold, lead paint, and drainage problems. Before listing your house for a traditional sale, it would be necessary to repair any damage wrought by termites or mold and resolve the source of the problem. These issues are potential “red flags” noted by home inspectors and occasionally appraisers during their assessments.

Traditional buyers often insist upon a professional termite treatment program. Eradicating these pests can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Depending on the extent of the infestation, remediation could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Repairing structural damage can be even more daunting and expensive, as cosmetic and structural problems must be addressed. Mold issues should also be addressed promptly, not only because they are unsightly and malodorous but also due to their potential health risks. Professional mold removal can cost thousands of dollars, and a mold inspector must be hired.

Who Buys Houses in Need of Major Repairs?

Who Buys Houses in Need of Major Repairs

Understanding your prospective buyer pool is crucial before making any decisions regarding the sale of a house that requires major repairs. The majority of buyers on the market seek a “turn-key” home, i.e., a property that is in good repair. However, during a hot market with low inventory, some buyers might be open to purchasing a home that requires repairs. Some buyers actively seek homes that need major repairs or “fixer-uppers.” These include house flippers and real estate investors, who aim to buy homes cheaply, carry out the necessary repairs, and then sell the house at a profit.

Another category of buyers is the bargain hunter. These buyers might be looking for a specific type of house or want to live in a particular area but may need help to afford the market price for a property in good condition. Such buyers might be willing to buy a home that requires extensive work if it’s in their preferred area or has the features they desire.

Lastly, some companies will buy your home with a quick cash offer. Companies such as Fixed Properties, equipped with substantial capital, can provide an offer and pay for your home promptly. They purchase homes in any condition, offering your property a fair market value.


In conclusion, selling your Tulsa home without making major repairs might seem daunting, but remember, there are viable options like cash home buyers in Tulsa who can provide swift cash offers, turning what seems like a challenging situation into a beneficial transaction for all parties involved.

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