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What our Customers Are Saying

“The rent on my parents’ Tulsa house was not in good condition. My job would have taken me 9 months or longer to bring it back in shape. The payments and cash would have continued during those 9 months, especially for labour, materials and property taxes in a vacant house. It would have been another three months of showing it and negotiations to sell it. Keeping all this in view, I decided to sell it as is. A Sell My House Fast Tulsa member came over, inspected the vacant property, negotiated a sales price, and shook hands on it. We closed the deal in less than 2 weeks.” – Micheal Stratton.

We buy houses tulsa

Sell Your House Fast Tulsa, Oklahoma. Get the Right Price, Sell in Less than 2 Weeks

No Matter Where Your House is, We Buy it for Fair Cash

At Sell Your House Fast Tulsa, we bring local expertise and a team with years of experience together for Tulsa area property owners. This means when Tulsa homeowners sell their homes, they are not just making a transaction but creating relationships. At Sell My House Fast Tulsa we value our relationships with our customers and deliver the best services in the shortest possible time frame.

  • Is your Tulsa home giving you trouble you never thought you would have to face?
  • Your parents left you an unwanted property or one that may be in dire need of repairs
  • You have no more money to spend on a house that seems to eat up all your savings.
  • You just bought another property address, and maintaining two properties is just too much
  • Your Tulsa mortgage payments got delayed
  • Your spouse wants the house as part of the divorce settlement
  • The house is plain ugly, old or deteriorating.

cash for house tulsaIf you have any of the above concerns, dial 918-200-9185. We will send over a representative who will handle these problems for you while you can count the cash.

Our home-buying process is simple and straightforward. We look at your house, make you a fair cash offer, handle all the paperwork and give you a check. If this sounds too good to be true – then you haven’t met true house investors in Tulsa. We don’t care if your house is old, dilapidated, creaking or located in an undesirable neighborhood. We only care whether you are up for selling your house in Tulsa fast.

At Sell My House Fast Tulsa, we deal in all kinds of properties, including foreclosure properties, single-family properties, rental properties and commercial properties. Whether you own land, houses, condos, buildings or farms in Tulsa we are ready to purchase it. All you need to do is send us your details via the contact form and we will revert back with a fair cash offer within 24 hours.

Why Sell My House Fast Tulsa Customers Recommend Us

“Sell My House Fast Tulsa was a great help in selling our house. They brought local expertise in Tulsa to help evaluate my house accurately. I inherited my family home, which has been in our family for over 50 years now. The house needed substantial repairs and my parents weren’t able to spend a lot on its upkeep because of medical bills. I needed to get the house off my hands. Sell My House Fast Tulsa gave me an admirable quote in 12 hours and needless to say I sold my house to them. It took just 5 days for the transaction to go through! Sell My House Fast Tulsa handled everything efficiently and professionally from beginning to end, and were an absolute joy to work with!”- Jenny Jeremiah

Selling My House Fast in Tulsa Oklahoma

Your last real estate agent told you they would be able to sell within 3 months… But

Your house was on the market for over a year and you were not only paying the bills, but you also had to deal with the showings, negotiating the price each time someone showed up, and to top it all paying realtor fees.

No one told you this before you enlisted your house on the market. You only knew that you could make a lot of money that never came through. We know how that feels. Many of our customers tell us of a similar experience. Besides the loss of money, you now have no peace of mind and a house that has lost its market value too.

To save yourself from further trouble, use the quick and easy cash method offered by cash buyers. We don’t show your house to anyone, we buy it upfront and keep it. We don’t care if your house is 100 years old; we enjoy purchasing houses with some character. Your old house just fits in. We don’t care if you have unpaid mortgages or liens, we pay you the money and you can free yourself from these obligations.

Call us today to get a no-obligation cash offer and take your cash home in as few as 7 days!

How Do I Get a Fair Cash Offer in Oklahoma?

At Sell My House Fast Tulsa, we buy houses for cash. We have simplified the process to ensure you don’t face any problems during the sale process.

In the Tulsa market, you will work with a specialized group of people who, unlike the big corporations, have no interest in commissions or seeing a renovated house. At Sell My House Fast Tulsa, we are only interested in the core value of your property.

Your Reliable Tulsa House Selling Partners

Downsizing is one of the most common reasons for selling a house. According to predictions by financial experts, there will be a 42% increase in older Americans exiting homeownership starting 2020 to 2036. More and more homes will be sold in favor of smaller and simpler abodes. Downsizing your home is a realistic option if:

  • Your current home takes up too much of your savings
  • Your current Tulsa home is too big, and you cannot hire help to maintain it
  • You need to save money for retirement
  • You need to simplify your life
  • You need to have more cash for your expenses

If you are downsizing and need to sell your current Tulsa home fast and reliably, look no further than Sell My House Fast Tulsa. We will ensure you sell your house in as little as 2 weeks and continue your journey to your new house. Get in touch with a representative and sell your house today!

No More Mortgages When You Sell to Sell My House Fast Tulsa

  • Do your expenses outstrip your income because you have a mortgage to pay?
  • Has your mortgage become the only priority?
  • Has your mortgage taken a toll on your mental peace?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, your mortgage is now cutting through your income and becoming difficult to manage.

Here is what you can do about it:

  • If you live in a mortgaged house, find a smaller house with fewer expenses. You will not only add money to your bank, but you will also be able to invest in your future.
  • If you don’t reside in the house the best way to generate money is to sell the house to the best buyer.

In both cases, you need a buyer who understands your immediate monetary needs and can help you sell to pay off an immediate debt. At Sell My House Fast Tulsa, we work with our customers to understand their individual requirements. Many of our customers have outstanding mortgage payments on houses they want to sell immediately. We buy their houses outright and pay cash in less than 2 weeks.

 If you need help with your house that is on a mortgage, call us at 918-200-9185 or fill out the form below to get a quote.

Traditional Selling Through Agents Vs Selling With Sell My Home Fast Tulsa

  • You pay commission to agents vs. You pay NOTHING EXTRA to Sell My Home Fast Tulsa
  • You pay closing costs through traditional selling vs. Sell My House Fast Tulsa pays all closing costs for you
  • You need to get inspection and appraisals done vs. Sell My House Fast Tulsa is not interested in either
  • You need multiple showings to receive a good offer vs. You just show it to Sell My House Fast Tulsa and receive a final offer
  • Your closing date is approximately 60 days after accepting the offer vs. Sell My House Fast Tulsa closes on the date of your choice
  • You negotiate for repairs vs. Sell My House Fast Tulsa pays for ALL repairs

Does that sound like a dream?

We make quick cash offers. Sell your house fast!

“I purchased a second home while things were good. I’d already moved into my new home. But then I started struggling to pay mortgages on both properties. So I decided to sell our old home with a local estate agent for 11 months. Nothing happened and I didn’t get lucky. I was about to default on payments and would have probably lost my homes. I was almost about to give up hope when Sell My House Fast Tulsa sent me a quote. I was able to get my house’s worth, instead of loosing it completely to the bank. Sell My House Fast Tulsa sent me the cheque in less than 2 weeks. They were a massive help.” – Richard Walker

“After splitting with my wife, I needed to sell our shared property and find a smaller and more manageable home. I needed to do this fast since my ex-wife was moving out of the city and we both needed the cash. I went from one cash buyer to another but all the offers seemed to stop short of being acceptable. I felt like I was been ripped off. Sell My House Fast Tulsa offered me $18,000 MORE than the others and I was happy to sell. They executed the deal perfectly and I am absolutely a fan now.”- Bruce Bishop

“I lost my job and then started the struggle with bills. My monthly payments started lagging behind. The bank was looking to foreclosure to get back the loan they gave me for the house. Thanks to Sell My House Fast Tulsa, they were able to convince the bank to withdraw the foreclosure and save my credit history from ruin. I happily sold my house to Sell My House Fast Tulsa and had some money in my pocket after the sale as well. If it wasn’t for Sell My House Fast Tulsa, I would have lost all my investments. Selling my home was better than allowing the foreclosure against my name.” – Kent Fannale

Drawbacks To Selling With a Realtor In Tulsa Oklahoma

Realtors can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years to sell your house. They will tell you exactly what is wrong with your house, help you cover up the problem areas, decorate your house and stage it to perfection. Not just this, they will go the extra mile to take beautiful pictures of your house and create an enticing listing. While you are enthralled by the numerous offers expect some not-so-happy events to also occur.

For one, your bills will stack up high with no return in sight. Until your house actually sells, the offers and staging are unrealized investments. Each new step is a new mound of paperwork that you need to read, understand and sign. And the longer your house sits on the market and people get to hear about it, the more disillusioned you become about the closing price.

Now imagine your realtor doesn’t manage to get the sale through….

You start all over. With a new real estate agent, a new set of paperwork and timelines…. Ugh!

At Sell My House Fast Tulsa, we pay you a guaranteed closing price for your Tulsa house. You don’t have to worry about changing agents or staging your house to get lucrative offers. We know your time is precious, so we handle all the paperwork ourselves.

We are not Realtors. We are professional investors with ready cash who will purchase your Tulsa house. We buy houses in ANY condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to sell your house fast Tulsa is to call us at 918-200-9185 and discuss your concerns with our representative. We buy houses as-is, unlike real estate agents. If you want to sell your house in under 2 weeks with maximum return on your investment, give us a call.

You must decide who the best cash buyer in Tulsa is for your house. You will need to do your research, get maximum quotes and look at the background stories of each cash buyer.

At Sell My House Fast Tulsa, we bring localized selling experience to each case we handle. Having a presence in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we have handled numerous buying decisions and bring the cumulative experience to each new project we take on.

When you visit our website and fill out the form, you will receive a customized offer in accordance with your case. If we fail to understand or locate your property through the data on the form, we will get in touch with you to give you a fully functional offer that will stand till the closing date.

Yes, you can. Many owners fall short of payments and need to sell their houses to pay off their debt to the bank and save their credit history. At Sell My House Fast Tulsa, we purchase your mortgaged houses so you can pay off all your house debts.

Yes, you can. Many inherited houses are ages old. They can be in disrepair or need a renovation. If you feel the expenses on your inherited house are too much for you, you can sell your inherited house to Sell My House Fast Tulsa. We will make a fair cash offer to you.

No, we do not charge you for visiting your house for a general inspection, nor do we charge you for making an offer. There are no hidden costs in the price we offer to you.

Yes, we buy houses, l and and building of all shapes and sizes. You can call us at 918-200-9185 to discuss your house more.

You can fill in the form below, and we will contact you. Alternatively, give us a call at 918-200-9185; let’s have a chat.



 “Sell My House Fast Tulsa was wonderful. They bought my house in less than a week’s time. They followed through on what they said and got the job done quickly. I loved that they did everything with integrity and we got a positive end result. I would definitely recommend them to others. The team at Sell My House Fast Tulsa is honest and very straightforward.”- Michelle Frank

 “Very understanding and honest company. When I spoke to the representative to came to see my house he made me feel very comfortable. He gave me a quote before the end of the day which was quick even by their standards. They are not out to just buy your home, they are out to help. He was very very kind-hearted and understanding of my situation. If we wouldn’t have talked that day I wouldn’t have been able to avoid the imminent financial mess.”- Doreen Ray

 “Sell My House Fast Tulsa is an awesome company to work with. We had a fire-damaged house and they offered to buy it. They closed when we wanted to and paid a price without trying to beat us down lower and lower like others. The experience was super easy and smooth. They took it as-is and at a very fair price.” – Jenna Mariana